About Us

The Cabinets by PerscH story:

From the time I was a child of 8 years of age, my Dad helped my brother and I build a Tree-house in our backyard, first the platform and then the walls and my brother and I began a journey of building something very special to us. Uncle Ed drew up the plans (since he was a draftsman for an Architect firm) and we took our allowance to the hardware store, buying nails etc. and working on the tree-house every chance we could. We enjoyed building and changing our tree-house for years to come. At the age of 14 I took woodshop class at my High School and I was hooked. I saved up enough money to outfit a small woodworking area in the basement. From there I tried several different jobs and nothing seemed to fit me like woodworking did. After all there was danger, excitement of seeing a project come together and the enjoyment of project completion. There was a sense of fulfillment in doing this wood-work. After all both of my Grandfathers were carpenters/cabinet-makers; my Great grandfather was also a "Master Cabinetmaker" according to his death certificate ... maybe this woodwork is simply part of my DNA.

While serving in the US Military I enjoyed learning more in Civil Engineering, from construction management to driving large loaders to 10 ton snow plows. After serving for 22 years I retired from the service in 2008. I kept current in woodworking, while in the military by having a woodworking tools, building solid wood furniture etc. and doing laminate and wood flooring installations, installing baseboard and quarter-round to complete the job. I became a Master Installer doing inlays and inserts in laminate and wood flooring. In May of 2005 I crushed a disc in my low back and could no longer install flooring, so I continued my carpentry career by opening a cabinet shop in January of 2007, this I could do standing. Starting with some woodworking tools and very little money; one builder, I’d been working with decided to give me a chance on a cabinet job. After completing the cabinet job of 40 cabinets, he said he was pleased and on and on the work came in.

We try to help where we can and give cabinets or labor or both to non-profit organizations that do good in our area. We’ve given cabinets to Churches, Shelters, Food Pantries and schools. We’ve also helped disabled and elderly people with roll-outs and drop down cabinets for easy access. We believe in doing good where we’ve been gifted and where it’s needed for the right benefit organizations. We also believe in the “teaching a person to fish” effect in what we do and support.

I’ve also worked several years in Aviation/Business Jet cabinet building and installation area for three different companies. So if you are looking for someone who believes what they do is important and has been trained in doing high quality work. Then we may be the right people for you and your project. After all some would say our inspirations for their projects were right on the money. We do small jobs to large jobs and are outfitted for quality work, with a lean management understanding. We stand ready to assist you in your projects. Give us a call at 501-605-7208 or 501-605-3612.