Now available Cabinets by PerscH is proud to offer hand crafted decorative wagon wheels.

These decorative wagon wheels are made with Southern Pine.

The 1" thick designs range in sizes from 10" to 48".
The 2" thick designs range in sizes from 24" to 48".
They can also be ordered with or without a hub

Prices start at just $11.95 for a 10" pine wheel with hub.

Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel
Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel

Prices are subject to change with the lumber markets due to the price of lumber available.

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Custom Trim and Molding

Many items in your home or work areas are permanent; walls, ceilings, floors etc. You may not be able to change the structure of your home, however you can change your spaces appearance with wood trim mouldings. Wood mouldings can be the secret of a transformation into a pleasing and distinguished environment.

To get the right finishing touch in any construction job the molding and trim are truly important. Without them the job just doesn't seem complete.

If you're like most people, you probably want moldings when you're ready for them but decide to settle for the stock moldings due to two factors:

  1. Stock moldings are readily available and
  2. You don't think custom ordering is in your budget.

Stock moldings are made in mass quantities and sometimes finger-joined together and you may get a mixed order which will not fit well together.

Cabinets by PerscH can do very short runs or runs of 500-1000 feet in a single day (plus time to get your special wood, of course). We will straight line mill and cut back and face profiles. Take a look at over 500 patterns, receive a free estimate, and match patterns for your custom molding orders.

For an example of the patterns we can create visit:

You may receive a quote by calling us directly or emailing with details.

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Proudly hand crafted in the U.S.A. Cabinets by PerscH moldings, cabinets and furniture are made from solid hardwoods to client's specifications, on time and on budget. We use wood from all over the world.

Crown and Window Trim

Whether you are looking for a custom stand alone cabinet, mounted cabinets, or have a unique idea of a specific project… We can do it!

Big or Small… We treat every job with professionalism, honor, and integrity!

With a fully functional shop we can customize ANY job to fit your specific needs!

Since every Job is going to be a little bit different, we can help guide you through the whole process from beginning to end with as little hassles as possible… So all you have to worry about it is who you are going to show it to first!

Take a look at just some of the work we pride ourselves on…

Custom Examples

We would like the opportunity to bid your next project with built-in or stand-alone cabinets. We offer both high quality custom cabinets in paint grade or stain grade cabinets to your customer at competitive prices. Once an order is placed, we build the cabinets in an efficient and timely manner, always on time.

Once we bid the job for you, your deposit will put you in our schedule and delivery will be prompt upon agreement of terms for final payment for construction. Our installation services include a final re-installation and re-adjustment of doors and drawers after finishing is completed on-site. Our shop is fully equipped to serve you well, whether you want adjustable shelves or dovetailed drawers for you project as an option. We can guide your choices of all solid wood, or paint grade cabinets for the best service life for your cabinets. Call us today to bid your next project, especially when your present cabinet-maker can’t meet your deadline due to their schedule being too full, give us a call to bid your project, or drop us a comment on the Contact Us page. Also please visit my ETSY site for more products.