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A lot of skill goes into making standard and custom cabinets, especially when crafted by hand. They require lots of decorative accents, materials, and hardware, whether mass manufactured or custom made by skilled professionals. Cabinets are used in a variety of applications, either in kitchens, garages, living rooms, or bedrooms. Providers of cabinets may also make and sell bookcases, drawers, vanity tables, beds, and desks. For custom kitchen and bathroom cabinet designs, many consumers hire cabinet-makers for the job. They may also purchase standard, pre-assembled cabinets straight from the manufacturer or through a retail home improvement store. But for that unique special touch,

cabinetmakers can provide a valuable service. Some cabinetmakers specialize in antique cupboards, while others may offer a range of products utilizing a variety of wood materials, such as cherry and oak. Types of cabinets can include islands, cupboards, corners, and bookcases. Many people hire cabinetmakers when remodeling their kitchens and other rooms. Contractors can provide referrals to customers and often call in skilled professionals for these types of jobs. Cabinetmakers can be carpenters or contractors themselves, and many have a background in design, art, and woodworking. They may provide unique designs that simply can't be found by a standard cabinet supplier. Such custom cabinets can feature odd dimensions to fit the feel of a room, house, or office. They can also reflect various styles, from modern to colonial to antique. Woodworking as it applies to cabinet making involves joints, bevels, chamfers and shelving systems, utilizing finishing tools to create edgings. Designs and hardware can vary from product to product, customized to each consumer's needs. Whether you are doing a remodel or new construction, cabinetmakers can provide the custom services needed to really make a room pop.

Features Benefits
Fast turn-around times Keeps you on schedule
No long wait like you have in the Big Box stores Professional cabinets with personal service
Convenient location Easy access for customers
True custom cabinets built to your specifications You get what you want
French cleats for a more professional look No screws visible in back of cabinets *Option
We build, finish in house, deliver, and install Quality guaranteed throughout the process
We supply and install doors and laminates Quality ensured; easy to clean and care for
Prefinished or Melamine covered core product available Cleans easily and more water resistant to waterproof
Details matter in all of our work Attention to detail gives a professional look
Sweep and clean after cabinets are installed No cleanup for the customer
Quality guarantee - Your satisfaction is our goal We want you to be a completely satisfied customer
High quality, built strong, and built to last Built for you with more design and layout options
Semi-custom cabinets you can't have that? Custom cabinets you can have what you desire built for you

We use We use 21st century technology for a better cabinet and stronger dovetail drawers and rollouts, built for you built for life.

  • Hole drilling for adjustable shelves
  • Holes drilled for Euro hinges on doors
  • Most doors made in shop for high quality and no wait time
  • Dovetail drawer & rollout option
  • Reveals are evenly spaced and clean looking
  • CNC router for professional designs
  • One piece doors for paint grade

An example of our quality care is that we stack our hardwoods, poplar, and cabinet grade plywoods in piles that are flat, spaced between layers, and with spaces between boards. This allows air to flow around the boards before we begin cutting. Its is best for the materials to adjust to the climate of the workshop. This helps to prevent checking, splitting ends, shrinking, and warping during cabinet construction. After the wait we begin cutting and assembling your cabinet, knowing only the finest materials and procedures have been used to deliver a quality cabinet to you.

We build cabinets from the ground up according to your specifications and budget. We build the job right so it can be installed correctly the first time to give you a great new look in your home or business. We ensure you that the cabinet planning and installation experience is easy for you whether your cabinets are placed in new construction or an existing living area. You will appreciate our quality cabinets and great looks for a long time.