REFACING Kitchen & Bath Cabinets adds value to your home; we can re-door as well...

Upgrading your paint-grade kitchen to a wood stained cabinetry may be easier than you think. For about 2/3rd’s the cost of new cabinetry you can give your kitchen and baths a face lift. We’ll veneer the exterior of the boxes and replace new doors and hinges for less than new cabinetry will cost. Veneering on site is far less disruptive to our customers than tearing out old cabinetry and installing new cabinets.

Advantages to face lifting your kitchen and bath include: You’re staying “Green” by recycling your old cabinetry, feeling good about not adding to the local landfill (we recycle old wood by taking it to a composting facility); you can also add some of those extras that you’ve always wanted, like self closing “European” styled hinges (hidden), full extension drawers or pull out shelves or drawers, tilt out trays in front of sinks, roll out spice racks, sheet pan dividers, dovetail drawers and rollouts for easy access, etc.

Choosing the right veneer for you. You can choose from a wide variety of standard veneers like: Oak, Cherry, Maple, Birch, Walnut or even exotic woods: Karillian Birch Burl, Bubinga, Waterfall Bubinga, Birdseye Maple, Crotch Mahogany etc. Choosing a very high end veneer may increase the value of the home for the right buyer, or simply add a touch of elegance for you and your family.

If your paint-grade cabinetry is simply showing too much water damage and you simply want to replace doors and drawer-fronts, we can help there too.

So now that you’re ready to make the change and your cabinetry is still structurally sound, give us a call at
501-605-7208 or email (see contact) to get the process started. We’re looking forward to working with you.